I am a photographer with more than 50 years of experience. From my first Kodak at age 14, through sport and press photography at my college newspaper, to years of travel photography, I have come to embrace this wonderful artistic medium.

My love as a photographer is for the natural environment. My work strives to capture the sweeping landscapes of our National Parks and other North American vistas. I hope to encourage the emotions engendered by these places. I believe it is what we protect, not what we build, that most affect us all.

More recently, I find myself passing on the experience and knowledge that I have garnered over a half century. I routinely take on students in whom I see the buds of creative excellence. My field trips and location lectures try to help focus photographers on what I consider the most important paths to artistic expression: seeing, feeling, and correctly capturing the world before us. I also enjoy training the novice and casual photographers who simply want to learn to take better photos. My tips and explanations of the powerful tools now available in even simple phone and pocket cameras can allow you to transform a set of vacation snapshots into beautiful wall hangings.

I hope you enjoy my photography and continue to join us here for the ever changing tips, tools and adventures.

Carl Spence

You may email Carl at [email protected]