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Brilliant sunrises are not the only beauty by the sea. I enjoy every time of day by the sea. You never know what may stir your emotions. I find peace in the still waters of the cool morning marsh where a moored rowboat awaits its passenger. So much about the sea fires the imagination. Maybe you'll find a mystery behind a fog bound scooner, or the harbor whose calm is rippled by cruising clucking ducks. The power of the sea is felt when watching the waves break over rocks or the shore. If you enjoy the sea as much as I then please view my Sunrise, and Lighthouse collections. They contain many more beautiful shots by the sea.
The FishermanA Cape Cod BeachBeach TreeSurf, Sand and Fog - OregonDodging the WavesDucks in a RowBreaking SurfSchooner Margaret Todd Fogbound - Bar Harbor, MaineCozy LocationThe schooner Margaret Todd and Queen Mary 2 - Bar Harbor, MaineRock Bound Coast of MaineRain along the Maine coastProvincetownRowboat at Dawn