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I spend my winter's in sunny Florida where I enjoy more than just the warm days. Every year, starting in February, birds from around the world come to nest in the Florida wetlands. My favorite places to snap shots of these beautiful creatures are Merrit Island, and believe it or not, Gatorland. There's more than gator's in this beautiful wildlife refuge. In fact during the height of the nesting season, Gatorland extends their open hours to accommodate wildlife photographers. I enjoy hosting my Photo Tours with those shutter-bugs willing to rise before the sun for the opportunity of getting that great shot.

Carl Spence
Flock of Ibis in formationRoseate Spoonbill wadingGreat Blue Heron reflectedGreat Egret on bushGreat Blue Heron callingSnowy Egret with reflectionGreat Egret on bush PreeningGreat Blue Heron Watching the SunriseGreat Egret in Flight