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There is just something about lighthouses that fascinates so many people including me. They are a dying symbol of man's effort to claim the oceans for their own. These monuments protected many a ship seeking safe passage home. Unfortunately many of these historical buildings have been lost to coastal storms and disrepair. I am happy that many communities have adoopted conservation plans to save our historical lighthouses. I am doing my part in documenting the lighthouses where ever my travels lead me. To view more ocean photographs, please visit my Seaside and Sunrise Collections.

Thank you, Carl Spence
Bass Harbor Head LightNobska Light at DawnMoon Over Nobska LightDusk Sets on Nobska LightMinot Ledge LightWest Quoddy Head Light, MaineCape Neddick Light with SeagullCape Neddick Light, MaineBass Harbor Head Light - MaineGay Head with Lighthouse - Martha's VinyardOregon LighthouseNova ScotiaMinot Ledge Light at Sunrise - Massachusetts BayPortland Head Light - Portland MaineMinot Ledge Light with Birds - Massachusetts BayBoston Light and Graves Light - Boston, MassachusettsLong Point Light - Cape Cod, MassachusettsMinot Ledge Light, Massachusetts