Anyone Can Learn to Take Great Photographs!


Welcome to Carl Spence Photography Instructional Services. We offer many opportunities to share our knowledge and love of photography with you.  We believe anyone can learn to take great photographs without years of practice, having to navigating oceans of literature, or breaking the bank purchasing tons of expensive equipment.  Our teaching techniques take a simple, straight forward approach to demystify the shroud of techno-babble usually surrounding photography and enlighten you to the art of photography.  Whether you’re a novice or professional there is something for everyone.



We understand that classroom lectures or even the information presented during field trips can be easily forgotten. Our videos are designed to be not only an addition to the our lectures and field trips, but also to stand by themselves as an excellent learning tool. We produce high quality videos in both the studio and field settings, providing an easy way for viewers to grasp photographic concepts. Our videos are produced by highly respected professionals using the best equipment and meticulous editing. When shooting on location, we teach photography techniques, as well as provide a rich background of the location peppered with tips for where and when to get the best shots, what equipment may be needed and what you could leave behind. Knowing the varied range of photographic equipment that viewers may have, we like to spend time showing how to enhance a shot with additional lenses, filters or other equipment, as well as how to put even the simplest cameras to best use. 

Our videos are organized into logical groupings, such as Photography of the National Parks, or Basic Composition, etc. Each video highlights a specific aspect to taking great photos while keeping with the general grouping theme. In this way, learning is not a forced process. Students may choose to review any video as often as they wish.

Carl's broad travels throughout North America affords him the opportunity to share his knowledge about the venues of most interest to viewers. In response to many requests, we are now opening our video series to the general public, not just enrolled students. Suppose you're planning a vacation to one of the National Parks, or unique destinations like Cape Cod, the coast of Maine, or the Florida theme parks. You are now able to learn the best places to capture that perfect sunset or make the best use of your time. The vast knowledge that Carl brings to travel locations is an invaluable asset to any vacationing photographer. He highlights what to bring, where to go, and when to be there. Below is a sample video.

How to Photograph on Location - Positioning Your Camera for SuccessCarl demonstrates the process he recommends to get your best possible photographs when on location. This video was shot at Dexter's Grist Mill in Sandwich MA on Cape Cod. Carl explains why he selects each spot to photograph. Final stills are included in the video.

Carl demonstrates the process he recommends to get your best possible photographs when on location. This video was shot at Dexter's Grist Mill in Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod. Carl explains why he selects each spot to photograph including technique and composition tips. Final stills are included in the video.



Carl loves to write. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and observations made during his widespread travels. He writes about all aspects of photography, from equipment reviews, to the little known accessories that make a difference, and how to get to know the area's best photographic opportunities.  Carl loves sharing his knowledge of travel locations. He enjoys talking with the locals, many of whom are now long time friends, who show Carl their personal favorite places. He seeks out those locations and others, in order to get the dramatic photos for which he is famous. His years of exploration, occasional stumbles, and ultimate success is what he writes about in his articles and blogs. It's like getting a back stage pass to the best photography.  

View a sample article...       Travel Photographer's Guide - Sedona, Northern Arizona, and Southern Utah.



Having the information at your fingertips can be a big help. The Carl Spence Photography eBook Series provides interactive access to learn the principles that create great photographs. Downloadable, these eBooks are helpful in understanding basic, as well as complex factors that allow for creative photography. Interactive features embedded into each eBook give the reader the ability to learn through illustrated photographs that pop from the pages. eBooks are categorized to best support both the beginner and advanced photographer.

Download Your FREE ebook Here, Eight Secrets to Great Photographs


Concept Cards Carl Spence Photography Concept CardsCarl Spence Photography Concept CardsOur color coded postcards are handy to have on a shoot. The front gives you step by step instructions on how to achieve the effects represented by the accompanying photograph. On the back you'll find more detail as to the how and why you use the settings recommended on the front. Additional graphics help you to quickly and easily find the information you need to take a great photo.

The last thing you want is to forget how to create the perfect photo with a desired effect when time isn't your friend, and there's no chance of a "Do Over". That's why Carl designed a concise series of postcards to carry with you. Each card addresses a specific photographic principle: blur the background to make a portrait jump from the photo, capture perfect focus all the way from the flowers at your feet to the mountains in the background, get that natural looking portrait indoors without a flash. Each of these concepts, and many more are at your fingertips with the Concept Card set. Each card is color coded to a general theme, such as composition or lighting. The front side shows a photo example of the principle being discussed as well as the exact settings or steps required. The reverse side expands on the concept with more detail and illustrations to further explain the technique. You can't get a better helper in the field unless Carl agrees to tag along. 



We design our lectures to appeal to a wide range of photo enthusiasts.   We strive to drop the techo-babble and simplify our presentations to inform a range of attendees, from beginners to professionals.  Lectures are driven by many example images of our work, with support documentation provided to round out the learning experience. These class notes include specific examples discussed during the lecture as well as links to our Blog articles for continued reference, support, and learning.  One of our most popular lectures is given by Carl Spence, our founder when he talks about our approach to photography as an art form and how we achieve our images.  Prices for our lectures are based upon the instructor, subject matter and length of the lecture.

Carl can sometimes be persuaded to give his entertaining lecture on photographing in the National Parks of the United States and Canada.  This unique opportunity is a treasure trove of specific information on when to go, where to photograph, what to bring, and what to avoid.  Carl is known for his often humorous presentations, which he dusts with anecdotes and accounts of his misadventures as he travels across North America.   When and where Carl shares his secrets depends upon where his travels take him.  Prices for Carl’s Travel Lectures are dependent upon location, sponsorship, and time.  

Lectures are announced in advance here, and via our mailing list so sign up now to be kept in the loop. 

To arrange a lecture at your facility, please Contact Us here.



Photography classes are available in Orlando, Florida.  Classes are scheduled in advance and announced here, as well as by email to those who wish to be notified of upcoming dates and subjects.  Contact us to be added to the mailing list.

Classes are usually spread out over several weeks on a once per week schedule.  The curriculum is designed for ether the amateur photographer who needs a basic understanding of cameras and composition to a more advanced offering designed to assist professionals and those with more than a basic knowledge of photography.  Both classes are informal in their approach.  Instructors are skilled in their craft and determined to present the material in a way that best fits those attending.  Questions are encouraged and provide us with a better way to tailor the content to fit the needs of our students.  Prices are designed around the curriculum, number of sessions, and class size.  Full refunds are offered after the first class to anyone who finds that our class is not what they expected and does not wish to continue.


Group Fieldtrips

Our professionals conduct regular photographic field trips in the Orlando area.  Designed for our visiting friends, these field trips usually last from two to four hours and are located at specific destinations where we know the best photography opportunities await.  We know Orlando, its theme parks, wildlife habitats, and floral gardens.  Our field trips are kept small to allow each attendee maximum opportunity for individual attention.   Field Trips are scheduled to take advantage of the best photo opportunities.   Close up shots of nesting shore birds in the spring, holiday and festival locations, and the peak of Florida’s floral splendor define our field trips.  Pricing is dependent on the length of the field trip.  Admission fees to locations are not included.


Carl’s Travel Field Trips

Carl will sometimes allow guests to join him as he photographs America’s beautiful landscape.  These field trips are a unique opportunity to work alongside Carl in the surroundings he loves to photograph.   You will learn how to get the most from the location.  Learn his secrets for maximizing the artistic use of light and location.  Carl’s Travel Field Trips can vary from a single day to three or four, depending on the location and his schedule.  If you wish to join him, a good basic knowledge of photography is helpful.  Equipment is of little concern.  Carl takes spectacular images with a pocket camera, or phone as well as expensive DSLR camera systems.   If you think that having expensive equipment will make you a great photographer, please don’t bother to attend.  But if you understand that art is created by the artist, not the tools, this is a rare opportunity to learn from one of the best.   Prices vary by location, number of days, and group size. 


One-On-One Photo Fieldtrips

Out photographers are available for individual training at specific locations in the Orlando area.  This is an opportunity to learn while doing from Orlando’s premier professionals.  These fieldtrips are specifically designed for the individual and their needs.   Each field trip is usually three hours long.  However special arrangements for longer sessions may be made.  Prices are dependent upon length of time.  Admission fees to locations are not included.


Carl Spence Photography Mentoring Program

Each year we take on a very small number of protégés into our Mentoring Program.  Applicants are chosen after a review of their work and an extensive interview with our staff.  If accepted, they will meet weekly in the Orlando area with one of our professional photographers to refine and focus their ability.  Protégés are not charged any tuition if accepted.  They are responsible for any incidental expenses, such as admission fees to locations, food, and transportation.  No equipment requirements exist.  Protégés may have the use of our equipment during sessions.  The Mentoring Program can last from one to three years and is tailored to advance the specific talent and knowledge of the protégés.  If you are interested in applying for the Mentoring Program, please contact us.  We will respond with information as to upcoming openings, the submission process for your portfolio and any any other information we will need.  After a review of the portfolio and other documents, we may request an interview.