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Kit Mohr has a long career in front of him. Formally trained in both film and digital format, Kit has mastered the essence of Street Photography. This translates into his portrait and wedding work in ways that engender emotion and a strong sense of space.

Kit was awarded "Most Compelling Image" by the prestigious Plymouth Guild for the Arts at their, Fine Art of Photography 2013 Juried Exhibition.
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Kit Mohr Fine Art Photography, The Dress ChronicleFine Art Photography Kit Mohr the Dress ChronicleAward Winner Fine Art Photograph Kit Mohr Dress Chronicle Dress-2, 20 foot WaitingFine Art Photography Kit Mohr The Dress Chronicle, Dress-3 AbatementFine Art Photography Kit Mohr The Dress Chronicle, Dress-4 Braced AbandonFine Art Photograph, Kit Mohr, Black and White Subject First ChronicleSubject First Chronical Black and White Photography Series by Kit MohrKit Mohr Black and White film series, Subject First ChroniclesBlack and White film Fine Art Photography by Kit Mohr, Subject First ChronicalSubject First Chronicle by Kit Mohr, Black and White Fine Art Photography SeriesThe Flour Chronicle by Kit Mohr a black and white fine art film series.Flour Chronicle by Kit Mohr, Fine Art Photography black and white film series.Black and white film series by Kit Mohr, The Flour ChronicleThe Flour Chronicle by Kit Mohr a black and white fine art photography film Texture-3Fine art film series by photographer Kit Mohr, The Flour Chronicle Texture-4Pup ChronicleKit Mohr fine art film series The Pup Chronicles Pup-1Kit Mohr fine art photography series Leashed Pup-2Pup-3Kit Mohr Leased Chronicle Pup-4 Fine Art Photography Series