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Dress-2, 20 Foot Waiting

The Dress Chronicle
The second image in The Dress Chronicle is 20 Foot Waiting. The shot was taken on a back road outside of Tallahassee, FL. We had driven around for almost an hour when we found this road with it's subtle hill that pulls you out of the vanishing background to the foreground where the model waits.

This image is one of three that made it into the juried art show The Fine Art of Photography 2013 exhibition at The Plymouth Center for the Arts, Plymouth MA.

This image was awarded the Warren Cove "Most Compelling" image. The judge's note describes what about my image earned the award.

" A mysterious and irresistible image, darkly immersed in anxiety. The onlooker pleads for more details. The oddly balanced composition plays to the tension of the subject and presents its drama exceedingly well in black and white where there is truth. Good use of the value scale with the crisp starched white dress against the dark forest floor, abandoned and alone."
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Award Winner Fine Art Photograph Kit Mohr Dress Chronicle Dress-2, 20 foot Waiting