Kit Mohr, PhotographerKit Mohr, Photographer Kit Mohr ~ Creative Director of Photographic Services

"The best kind of food is right off the grill, fresh and rich with flavor.  The best kind of photograph is very much like this.  As a photographer, I like to make memories out of the most rich, and textured moments.  The most flavorful moments rarely happen at the count of three, which is why I make it my business to step out of the studio, and meet my clients in their environment.  I come to you,  whether it's the coffee shop where you, and your fiancée first met, or your kids favorite playground.  With formal training in fine art photography, it is my intention to use my lens to paint your story with light.  To transcribe your favorite memories into a fresh and vibrant imagery that can be read from frame to frame.  From the gallery, to above the mantel, every image tells a story. Let me tell yours." 

Kit Mohr
Award Winning Photographer

"Kit Mohr has already established himself as a creative artist of the first class. Formally trained in both film and digital format, he has mastered the essence of Street Photography. His understanding of light and its impact is profound. This translates into his portrait and wedding work in ways that engender emotion and a strong sense of space."  - Carl Spence

What Kit Brings to Your Session

Kit Mohr is based in the Orlando Florida area specializing in wedding photography with an artist's eye.  Kit is more than your average event photographer. He reaches inside his subjects to pull their individual beauty through his lens, and into a frame for all to see.  He is well know for his "Chronicles", a short sequence of images that reflect the story Kit glimpses within his clients as he works, and spends time with them. Whether memorializing your wedding, family event, or the beauty you surround yourself with, inviting Kit into your life reveals stunning images you'll cherish forever.

You may email Kit at [email protected]

Kit's Journey To Becoming a Photographer

I bought my first camera when I was eleven with money I saved up from pushing chairs around at the small family church. It took quite a few Saturday shifts to get my first Canon film rebel. I learned from my dad, we made quite the canon pair hiking in North Carolina, me with my rebel, him with his AE-81.

My father took me to photo conferences when I was in high school to which I was quite regularly the youngest attendee to my surprise. Being a career photographer never occurred to me, not even as a possibility, till I walked into the dark room of Florida State University for the freshman tour. I originally enrolled in FSU with engineering on my mind, but the enlargers, and smell of fresh fiber paper changed my mind before I even sat for my first class. Combined with a growing interest in the human condition, I graduated from FSU with a Cum Laude degree in Fine Arts and a minor in psychology. I have had many blessing and opportunities given and fought for. Currently Creative Director at Carl Spence Photography in Orlando, I look to each session with a baited anticipation. A career in photography is not only my choice, it is my passion.

Warning. The following may contain some photographer techno babble, but please read on.

My first love will always be film photography. A Hasselbald or a AE-81 and a light meter makes for a good day any day. The photograph just gives the framework to the vision, whether its 'noise' or 'grain', 'asa' or 'iso', the elements a good photographer uses all comes down to light. I believe there is a story to tell, and light is my way to tell it.    

Kit Mohr


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Creative Director of Photographic Services