Eight Secrets to Great Photographs

This book was first developed as a companion guide to a half day photography class conducted by Carl Spence. It also stands on its own as an easy resource and learning tool for budding photographers. The topics cover rules of composition and important basics to know about your camera. Carl's use of photographs to clearly demonstrate his lesson helps you to truly understand their importance in creating a great photo. First and foremost, Carl believes that anyone can learn to take great photographs.  His class curriculums are rooted in that belief.

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Book Preface Book Cover Eight Secrets to Great Photographs by Carl Spence8 Secrets to Great Photographs front cover

Over the years I have met many people who would tell me that they could never take a good photo. They envied my ability, as if it were a direct gift from above granted to a chosen few. But my experience has taught me that good photography comes from good practice, not dumb luck or Divine anointing.

Today's cameras, even those found in phones, are capable of taking beautiful photos that you will want to frame and hang for all to see. The secret is simple. Just think a little before pushing the shutter button. Anyone can take great photos.

This book shows you that with just a basic understanding of composition, and a little understanding of the capabilities of today's cameras, you can consistently capture beautiful photographs. Landscapes while on vacation, family portraits,
pets at play, even city lights at night are all easy if
you  use the few tips that Book Back Cover Eight Secrets to Great Photography by Carl Spence8 Secrets to Great Photographs back cover professionals have relied on for years.

Developed as a companion for one of my classes, this book stands on it’s own for conveying what I feel are the foundations to taking great photographs. The text summarizes the "Eight Secrets" accompanied by example photos. If you’ve attended one of my classes, this book and some of the photos may be very familiar. If this is your first time reading these pages, I hope you find them helpful, and encourage you to visit my Web site CarlSpencePhotography.com to learn more.

Thank you,  I  hope you enjoy this book.

Carl Spence


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This book is designed to be viewed two pages at a time side by side. When viewed in this format, descriptive text is on the left page with associated examples on the left and right pages.  By viewing this book as intended you are capable of utilizing the special features developed to demonstrate some of the eight secrets.

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