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The Flour Chronicle

Before I ever knew what portrait photography would mean to me, my earlier work often dived into what naturally attracts the eye's attention. This series in many ways, opened the door for my love of exploring the interpersonal world of photographing personality.

I shot this series with my Ae-81 Canon camera. Using the gritty and visceral tangibility of film, I intended to create a subject overlay built on our natural tendencies for processing how we see, what we see. Millennia of evolution predisposes us to focus on the face and human shape. Evolution also fostered our eye’s impulse to find the brightest points of an image.

These two natural tendencies are the layers to my overlay. Using bleached flour, I introduced an inanimate object as a bright and bold feature among familiar human shapes. Its metaphorical and physical overlay of the organic human subject does not then outshine its breathing counterpart, but rather embellishes the interaction further.

It’s a powerful ‘play’ on a duel subject series.

Kit Mohr

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The Flour Chronicle by Kit Mohr a black and white fine art film series.