Kit Mohr pics featured in Sports Illustrated

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Congratulations to Kit Mohr for his first spread in Sports Illustrated featuring home run queen Lauren Chamberlain!

Kit's been photographing the National Pro Fastpitch (NFP) team the USSSA Pride for a couple of seasons this year earning the position of official USSSA Pride League Photographer.  Kit's photos of NPF star Lauren Chamberlain are featured in the June 22, 2015 SI article shown below.

Kit Mohr Sports Illustrated photos of NFP player Lauren ChamberlainKit Mohr Sports Illustrated photos of NFP player Lauren Chamberlain.USSSA Pride League Photographer Kit's artist's eye has given this national softball team a new look to accompany their rising popularity.  Kit's got to know the team and it shows in their staged candid shots. Obviously the team is comfortable in front of Kit's lens.

"For the best of the best, nothing shows off USSSA Pride like being on the field. Photographing this team in action made for a lot of high energy shots and a lot of sunscreen.

USSSA Pride is a team made up of a diverse batch of personality and energy.  This year's head shots made for a fun day of seeing each player open up and have fun with being on center stage.  One of my favorite parts however, was how interactive they were with each other trying to get each other to laugh or “give a good evil eye”.  They truly are a team on and off field."   --- Kit Mohr

You can check out the entire team's photos at  And while you're there check out the rest of Kit's work.  Whether it's a softball team, a couples shoot, wedding, or fine art photography, Kit's unmistakable style, technique, and artistic vision make for beautiful art whatever the subject and medium. (Kit's a painter too :-))

Again we here at Carl Spence Photography are proud to count Kit among our own and send out a BIG Congrats!

Keep 'em coming Kit.

Your friends at Carl Spence Photography




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