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I've completed a few photo tours of our great country and lived to write about it.   To read about my misadventures along the way, please visit my blog Travels into Wild America. 

A word of warning.  You may want to be near a box of tissues and a bathroom.  Tears of laughter are frequently reported.



1 = Basic   2 = Intermediate
3 = Advanced 
D = Requires DSLR
QT = Quick Tips  


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Shooting Through Fences and Glass (2,QT)

September 09, 2019 - Use Depth of Focus and Dark Cloths to Make Problems Disappear How often have you been at to zoo or aquarium and been dis...
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Shoot Anything with 3 Steps - Shutter, Aperture, and ISO (2)

September 09, 2019 - How to Use Shutter, Aperture, and ISO to Get Great Photos. Today's cameras have made taking great looking photos availa...
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Turning on the Grid - Your Camera's Built in Rule of Thirds Grid (1,QT)

September 09, 2019 - Turn On the Grid: How to improve your photos just by turning on this feature found in most cameras. Are your horizons r...
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The Dog Leash Monopod (1,QT)

September 09, 2019 - Probably the single most common problem with photos is blurring caused by too little light and camera movement. Of cours...
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How to Prevent Condensation and Keep Your Expensive Lenses Safe (1, QT)

February 27, 2017 - A word of CAUTION! Cameras and lenses are VERY susceptible to damage from condensation getting inside. This happens when...
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