Kit Mohr Gets 3 Photographs into The Fine Art of Photography Juried Exhibition in Plymouth MA

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Kit Mohr Wins Entry Into The Fine Art of Photography Juried Exhibition in Plymouth MA, with His Fine Art Prints

Kit is One of Eleven Photographers Who Have Three Photos
in the Prestigious Show

In February Kit selected six photographs to submit to The Plymouth Guild for the Arts juried photography only exhibit, The Fine Art of Photography. In all, 243 Artists submitted 848 photographs for admittance into the spring show.

In the weeks that followed the judges reviewed every anonymous entry individually and together, numerous times until they reach a decision on the final 220 photographs for exhibition.

The judges Francine Weiss and Peter Vanderwalker are highly regarded in their professions with national recognition. Francine Weiss is a specialist in the history of photography and American visual culture. Peter Vanderwalker is a freelance photographer whose work interprets both the natural and man-made environments.

Kit is a Fine Art Photographer based in the Central Florida area.
He began photography at age 11 with his father as his guide. Kit graduated from Florida State University with a Cum Laude Degree in Fine Arts, and a minor in Psychology. His first love is for film which is evident by his Plymouth entries seen below.  

Kit specializes in film and dark room techniques, and is a master of the black & white format making great use of a wide tonal range which conveys great scale and depth in his work.

Kit is known for his “Chronicles”, short sequences of images that reflect a story he glimpses within his clients as he works with them. His first two entries accepted for the Plymouth show are from his Dress Chronicle, while the third is from a trip to the Netherlands.

Plymouth Entries

Kristin Mohr Dress Chronicle 1-Ice Nine accepted into juried The Fine Art of Photography 2013 exhibition Dress 1- Ice Nine

Dress-1 or Ice Nine was shot using the exposure of room temperature air to freezing glass. The goal was to capture the image just as the glass began to fog so that the model's face would be lost in the surroundings. Thus leading the eye to seek by way of focus for familiar imagery, to where it eventually lands on the somewhat unusual sash collecting around the model's feet.


Dress 2- 20 Foot Waiting

Kristin Mohr 20 Foot Waiting accepted into juried The Fine Art of Photography 2013 exhibition in Plymouth MA The second image in The Dress Chronicle is 20 Foot Waiting. The shot was taken on a back road outside of Tallahassee, FL. "We had driven around for almost an hour when we found this road with it's subtle hill that pulls you out of the vanishing background to the foreground where the model waits."



Photographer Kristin MohrForced Space Forced Spaced

Links for Kit Mohr:

Kit's BIO

email: [email protected]

View the Dress Chronicle and his Fine Art Gallery


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