Kit Mohr Wins “Most Compelling Image” Award in The Fine Art of Photography, 2013 Show

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Kit Mohr's “20 Foot Waiting” Receives The Warren Cove Award in The Fine Art of Photography, 2013 
Exhibition in Plymouth MA.

Kit Won One of Only 15 Prizes Awarded in The Show

Kristin Mohr Warren Cove Certificate for "20 Foot Waiting" "The Fine Art of Photography" ExhibitMost Compelling award Plymouth 2013

For more details about Kit’s participation in this juried exhibit
please see Blog post,
Kit Mohr Wins Entry Into The Fine Art of Photography Juried Exhibition in Plymouth MA, with Her Fine Art Prints 


From The Plymouth Center for the Arts Press Release-
On Saturday April 6th, more than 500 people attended the Reception and Award Ceremony for
The Fine Art of Photography, 3rd Annual Juried Photography Exhibition
Congratulations to the winners:

Kristin MohrDress-2, 20 Foot Waiting

Kit Mohr received The Warren Cove award for her photograph, “20 Foot Waiting”.  Following is the Judge’s Note describing what they saw in Kit’s photograph that won her the “Most Compelling Image” award, which is accompanied by $100.00.

Judge's Note
" A mysterious and irresistible image, darkly immersed in anxiety. The onlooker pleads for more details. The oddly balanced composition plays to the tension of the subject and presents its drama exceedingly well in black and white where there is truth. Good use of the value scale with the crisp starched white dress against the dark forest floor, abandoned and alone."


“20 Foot Waiting” is the second of four photographs in Kit’s Dress Chronicle. The shot was taken on a back road outside of Tallahassee, FL. Kristin and her model, Masha Ciampittiello, drove around for almost an hour searching for the perfect spot. This road with its subtle hill pulls you out of the vanishing background to the foreground where the model waits.

All three of Kit’s photographs are published in the Show Catalog containing all 220 photographs along with a list of the winners and Judges’ Notes, which may be purchased in PDF, iBook or printed format.


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The Dress Chronicle photo shoot is built around the model, Masha Ciampittiello, as seen in each of the four photographs. My intention is to make visible the internal dialogue of past and present reality. The images speak both to the narrative experience in whole, and to the individual moments in part. –Kristin Mohr

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